The First Church in Weymouth

Honoring Jesus Christ,
Following the Congregational Way,
Since we first Gathered in 1623

Koffee Kitchen 

     One of my favorite activities in my years at this church has been Koffee Kitchen. I started this little gathering as an opportunity to come together informally and be church together, but also as a way for the congregation to become more familiar with the Pastor’s office and duties during the week. These 1st Thursday of the month gatherings have been a lot of fun!

     The 1st Thursday of July, my last month as Pastor, is a holiday. So we’ll put July’s Koffee Kitchen off until July 25th, my last Thursday in the office. I hope many of you will be able to find some time that day between 10 and noon (especially if you won’t be in church on the 28th), say hello, have some coffee and donuts, and reminisce about the good times we have shared together over the years. Feel free to bring a treat to share!   - Pastor TC

"The Parish Post" Newsletter

     Eleven times a year (each month from September to June, plus one combined July/August issue) we publish our church newsletter, The Parish Post. The newsletter is mailed out to all households on our church mailing list. Contact the office if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

     The newsletter contains important news, dates, and details about upcoming events, as well as schedules for coffee hour, offertory counting, communion servers, etc.

     Those who want to receive it electronically may do so by clicking the link below. You can read the newsletter online, download it to your computer, or print it at home for handy reference! Please contact the office if you have any items you would like added to the newsletter.

     Read the April 2019 Parish Post Newsletter here.

Photo courtesy of Valerie A. Russo