The First Church in Weymouth

Honoring Jesus Christ,
Following the Congregational Way,
Since we first Gathered in 1623

Funerals & Memorial Services

     Very often your funeral director will make arrangements for a funeral or memorial service for your loved one directly with the church. Or you may be planning a service of remembrance on your own for a loved one who died in another state, or at an earlier date. Whatever the situation, our church is available for such services most days of the week. We are happy to help you plan a fitting and personalized service as much as we are able. We encourage you to speak with the pastor directly about how you can participate in and help plan the service.

     Funeral and memorial services may be conducted with the deceased's remains or ashes present in the sanctuary or not, as the family wishes. We will gladly incorporate time in the service for family and friends to share eulogies or other personal words of remembrance if you so desire.

     Fees for the use of the church are as follows:

  • $200 - Use of the sanctuary (This fee is waived for members of the church)
  • $175 - Organist
  • $100 - Custodian


Please check with your funeral director to see which arrangements the funeral home will make directly with the church.

Photo courtesy of Valerie A. Russo